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Commercial Property Maintenance & Landscaping

What We Do

Renoscape’s past and ongoing commercial works are as below;

Estate Maintenance Shorehaven, Alkimos

Renoscape has been the Garden Maintenance and Irrigation Contractor for Shorehaven Estate Alkimos since September 2016. We have the sole responsibility of caretaking the beautiful lawns and gardens of this premium estate in the northern suburbs of Perth. We also undertake and project manage extra work that is required in the estate such as the Shorehaven maintenance project.

"We have the pleasure of working with the Renoscape team at the Shorehaven Estate, Alkimos. Renoscape have demonstrated superior service and dedication to the vision of the estate - the true passion of landscapers who care. We highly recommend their services.’"
– Shorehaven Estate Development Team, PEET

Mowing and Turf Management

Turf Management is one of the core elements of the Renoscape Business and with 20 years experience, Renoscape has the knowledge and understanding of Turf Management procedures and best practice outcomes. 

We understand the soil conditions can vary in areas depending on location.  Renoscape has a proven track record in maintaining large turfed areas such as Shorehaven Alkimos Estate with the addition of sand management (because of its very close proximity to the beach).  We arrange the necessary sand removal caused by winds and sand movement to always maintain the grass area and show it in its best possible light. Scott and his team has always been a believer that good turf is the key to a great property.  We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from the PEET Shorehaven Alkimos Sales and Development team on the presentation of the large Lawn areas which supports their desired outcome to continue to sell the residential lots.  

Companies we service

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Pictured: Estate Maintenance Shorehaven, Alkimos 

"We applaud the effort Scott and the crew at Renoscape are making in their efforts here in Shorehaven."

- Residents, Shorehaven Estate Alkimos


Pictured: Sets on the beach music festival 

Renoscape has also been the supplier and installer for Turf at a number of Music festivals in the Perth area.  Areas ranged in size from 100sqm to a 3000sqm and we have continued to be invited to work at these events because of our efficient and effective installation.

"I am so lucky to have found Scott and his team. My garden has never looked better. Scott is extremely diligent, quick, hardworking, friendly and very knowledgable about gardens in general. I would have no hesitation in recommending Scott for all gardening requirements." 
- S. Howarth


We have a complete landscaping team and valued sub-contractors dedicated to residential and commercial landscaping installations. 

We regularly Project Manage large scale landscaping renovations including coordinating swimming pool installations, property extensions, retaining walls and brick work, plumbing and electrical work, carpentry and of course deal with unseen obstacles.

Renoscape has been engaged by several Builders and Developers as their preferred contractor for some of their Display Homes and Commercial properties.  Renoscape has also worked with specialist Irrigation Installation companies and installed commercial systems.  We have completed commercial landscaping for:  Vista Blue Holdings, Red Ink Homes, B1 Homes, Integro Homes, ROCORP Builders, New Sensation Homes, iBuild WA, Warrington Group Commercial Group.

"Check out Renoscape for any landscaping needs. Work was top quality and they really helped me with ideas for the 3x properties and offered ideas to help me stay within budget. Highly recommend their service."

- L. Aram

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Renoscape was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
- E. Kossen

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Garden Maintenance

Renoscape Garden Maintenance division is currently 60% of our business and consists of weekly to monthly Gardening Maintenance schedules for some 14 Strata Companies plus various individual residential properties which equates to looking after a portfolio of 88 properties.  

Depending on the size of these properties, visits are either on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis and a schedule is kept making sure that all properties receive the right amount of attention required. We provide services for pruning, weeding, mowing, certain tree lopping (large tree lopping is carried out by a specialist Arborist Company), scheduled fertilizing, turf management, irrigation maintenance, planting and mulching and any extra garden works that may be requested by either the Strata Managers or individual clients.  We keep a log and schedule of the necessary fertilizing and pruning works required for individual properties and photos are taken and sent to respective Strata Managers for their records.

Renoscape has vehicles dedicated to our garden maintenance team with vehicles equipped with the necessary tools and equipment required to successfully carry out the schedule of tasks required.  All vehicles are self-sufficient with blowers, whipper snippers, lawn mowers, and all necessary tools and equipment to allow our team members to deliver the work to a high standard.  One of our Team Members is also a mechanic and is therefore able to maintain and repair any of our Lawn Mowers and power tools as necessary thus eliminating any down time.

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"It is a pleasure working with Renoscape team. ESM Strata Management appreciates your effort to keep your standards always high, and we especially appreciate your effort to keep our clients happy."

- G. Maldonado, ESM Strata